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Latest Reply from Ashgo at 2013-12-25 17:16:50
I have the FilmStar theme installed at It's working great, except that when the site is viewed on a phone, the slider is cut off vertically (only the top 1/5th or so of the slide shows). The buttons for the slider are also being pushed down onto the main menu. When I view the site on a tablet it does not have this issue with the slider being cut off, but it does have the buttons issue. I've searched the support forum with no luck; any help you can provide would be great.

I also seem to have a problem with the main menu on the mobile site having too much padding below the menu options. This isn't a major thing but would be nice to fix. Thank you!

(PS I searched the entire forum and wasn't able to find a solution; if there's a simple one posted that I missed, I apologize.)

Just as a heads-up, the slider is now refusing to show at all when the site is viewed on a tablet or phone. Additionally the background of the content area is transparent even though I have it set to white. Very strange...
UPDATE: The problem has been fixed. I wish I could say I remembered what I did, but it was a piece of code in - I think - top.php that ahd to be removed. Thanks anyway!
Help me, what exactly did you do that worked slider?
same problem

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