Slider images gone awol

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I've managed to get my blog to a state I would be comfortable with. The header, menu and all are aligned properly and even the slider background is but the images are aligned with the background.

Has anyone figured out how to move the slider images?

Would appreciate the help. Thanks!

Theme: Celebrity

I mean the images are NOT aligned with the background. Sorry for the typo!
But I don't understand why you have such padding on menu. You need to change the following code in style.css:
#mainmenu li a {
padding:363px 41px;

You have to replace it with:
#mainmenu li a {
padding:36px 41px;

It looks much better=)
Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

You're a lifesaver!

I messed around with the code and I got it to the state in which it was and I tried and tried to get the slider pictures aligned with firebug but I just couldn't find the right figure.

I can't thank you enough! :)
It seems I was prematurely joyous.

The reason for the big padding number is that it brings the main menu down where the image for the menu is. Otherwise the menu will behind the header and the menu image will be blank.

This unfortunately also lowers the slider image, which I don't understand why it happens.

I've searched and searched but I can't find any code whatsoever for the slider images (the slides itself) only for the slider background.

I wonder if I can make up some code to move the slides only but I'm a total newbie with this stuff so I won't be able to do that but still wondering.

Thanks for the help, though! It's always nice to notice someone cares. :)
Sorry if this is spamming but I figured it out!

I was playing with the code with firebug and I actually did find some code on the slides only.

I altered the style.css

.fp-slides, .fp-thumbnail, .fp-slides-items {
height: 520px;
width: 842px;

By putting

position: absolute;

and it works!

Thank you for getting me excited so I had the energy to look at the code once again. Thank you so much. :)

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