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I installed this theme and when you click on a page link (other than home), the header moves up to the start of the text, like in the demo version, but after i purchased the activation to remove the footer links, it does not do this anymore, ie, when you go to a page now, it goes to the page and stays at the top with the slider, you have to scroll down to see the text, where the previous free template and the demo template both automatically scroll down to the start of the text for each page, the slider is still there if you wish to scroll up to view it.

Secondly, can you change the order of the images in the slider, you can drag them, but they won't re-shuffle, just wondering if it was possible (great for if you miss a slide out and need to insert one inbetween existing slides.

thanks in advance... :-)

I have tried this several times and i can confirm that the theme works perfect everytime until you purchase the activation code, when you do this 2 things don't work:

1. when you click on a link, the new page is shown but it does not move down to where the text starts, it stays at the top showing the slider, you have to scroll down to see the start of the text and...

2. the scroll window up arrow on the bottom left of the page doesn't work.

Hope you can find a fix, thanks again in advance... :-)
new theme update has fixed the issue, fantastic customer support, will be buying/activating more themes now... keep up the good work!
Thank you.
I have the opposite problem! I would like to buy the Janela theme... but unless I can stop the automatic scroll down I won't because I don't like the way it looks. Is this possible?
Stephen - how did you get the "fantastic customer support"?
Hi, Soundmary!
You have to disable option "Load content dynamicaly" on page Layout of theme options.
I just purchased the activation code for my theme and now my page doesn't load the content dynamically anymore. How did you fix this? There is not update for my theme.
Hi, Matt!
Please send your website URL to to fix it.

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