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Latest Reply from papireper at 2017-12-27 05:48:21 Solution
Dear Support,

We use AutoPress Theme long time ago but now dropdown menu do not show up normally because it seems to be behind slider - specially after the second slider.

Could you please check it up?

Thank you in advance!!!
Kind regards,
Sorry, I forgot to write: Everything is the freshest version (Wp, theme, plugins), and I've tried to switch off all plugins, but problem still existed.
Thank you!
And... I also forgot the url where you can check the problem:

Sorry for this.
Thank you so much!

Please, find the code:

#header-block {

inside the style.css file of the theme and replace it with:

#header-block {
z-index: 1;

That is all that you need to do to fix the issue.
Hi Dave,

It works! :))

Thank you for your kindly help!

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