Slider does not work properly

Latest Reply from Dave at 2016-03-31 05:30:08
Please can you provide a fix where when adding slides, does not mess up the order of the slides or removes a slide from the view. Each time I place a new slide on, it removes the second slide and does not go through the slides in order that I have chosen.

Many thanks

We have never had such issues before. Could you give us an access to the dashboard of your website to detect the problem and prevent it in future?
If you may give us login and password to your website, please contact us via email. Don't leave this data on forum.
Hello :)..I was just wondering how I can make my images in the slider show the full long picture like the original ones...they're site is

Thanks in advance :)

The best way to solve this issue is to upload images with the more appropriate size. It is something around 856px*425px(width*height).

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