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Latest Reply from Dave at 2014-12-24 04:23:00
On my site,, I need to change the color of the circles on the slider. I have a few white pictures, and the circles cannot be seen.


The code you need to edit is located inside the FilmStar/css/index.css file:
.fp-pager a { background-image: url(../images/smt/slider-page.png); color:red; cursor:pointer; margin: 3px 8px 0 0; padding: 0; display: inline-block; overflow: hidden;  text-indent: -999px; background-position: 0 0; float: none; line-height: 1; width:10px; height:10px;}
.fp-pager a:hover, .fp-pager a.activeSlide { background-image: url(../images/smt/slider-page-active.png); }

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