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First - why doesn't it let me upload .jpeg images when the default slides are that format?It doensn't let me upload .bmp it accepts just .png. With everything else i get the message "Unallowed file extention".

Second - right after i upload the theme and activate it, i open my homepage to see how it looks and the slides don't shift. Slide 1 is always there and they never switch.

Third - if i upload the theme with an ftp client, when i activate it, my site loses all ability to load. Everything is one blank page. If i do with the option in the wordpress theme menu, it's fine.

I'm using the free theme and WP 3.4.2.


1) Allowed image extentions are specified in line

$exts = array('jpg','png','gif','jpeg','ico');

in file administrator.php. You can add there bmp.

2) Could you write here URL of your website?

3) Are you sure, that all files was uploaded without errors?

I didn't get any error messages while uploading, so it should be fine. I uploaded them vie the upload menu in the theme's settings, i tried doing that by directly putting them in the theme's folder on the ftp(that didn't work). The site is but it's not in English.

It may recognise jpg and jpeg but it didn't work with the photoes i uploaded. By the way is there a size limit?

By the way i managed to put my own slides (but i had to convert them to png first) but they still don't change, only the first one is visible, and you can't see the others.

There is no size limit in the theme, but it might be specified by your hosting provider.

Could you write here URL of your website?

I did write it -


Try to remove string

<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

from your footer.

If you are referring to the menu Appearance-Editor-Footer i don't have that string there, where exactly is it?

This string is included, by one of your plugins. To fix it you can aslo try to do next:

Add string

<?php wp_enqueue_script("jquery"); ?>

into the file header.php before code

<?php wp_head(); ?>

And remove string

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

from the file inc/library.php of the theme.

That worked like a charm. I don't know what to say. I didn't really hope for so much assistance when i wrote here, let alone a solution for the problem. Thank you for your effort. It's most appreciated.

Hello! Admin.My Slider does not show any of my pic.It has been working for a while but now does not work.I kept uploading png files but none of them could be shown on my homepage.
There are a lot of reasons why it might happen. Probably, you have added new plugin that conflicts with the slider in the theme. Could you give us URL of your website?
Hello Mate! My website is .I deactivated almost all of the plugins but still slider did not work for me.Then,I tried different slideshow plugins but none of them work.Any help from you will be appreciated.
Can I asked something? Can I upload gif picture in logo image of my SMThemes? I am using WP 3.6. Just asking if it is possible. Or can I declare a gif to apply in editor? Thanks for reply.
Of course, you can use this extension for your logo image.
I am using healthcare theme, initially slider was working after some days, it stopped working, I deactivated all plugins but still it is not working.
my site url is:
As I can see slider works on your website. It would be great if you could share your problem and solution for it with other customers.

Thanks in advance!

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