Slide 1 text on slider images

Latest Reply from Alice at 2015-06-18 06:09:11
I'm changing this text in the Customizer "Slide #1" but the text still stays "Slide #1", with "read more"
I figured it out.
Show text "off".

however, changing the slide title text doesn't work.

Bug report.
We have checked the theme and this option works properly. Have you saved changes by clicking a green check mark on the right?
I'm using the template Photopaper free, I have problems with theme options, does not save my changes, ie the check mark on the right is green, why?
but even if it becomes green, once loaded online does not show the changes however, remains as the logo of the original template, how to do?
Could you provide us the URL of your website, please.
Besides, your browser may display the cached copy of your website. To see changes you will have to press Ctrl+F5 to refresh page properly.

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