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Latest Reply from Circ at 2012-12-20 08:09:49
I'm german, so I try my best to describe it as good as possible :)

I would like to use your free wp-theme "Simpleone"
(which is simply amazing by the way ;))
as the theme of my local dj-group-homepage.
I like it's simple design, but i got a question about the menu.

The pages of the blog are displayed in the upper right corner,
but to use it as a homepage I would like to display the pages,
which I want to use for "About Us" or "Media", in the white bar in the center, where actually the categories are listed.
So basically I would like to use the category-place for the pages.

Is there any way to realize this ?

Regards from Germany
Go to Appearance > Menus

If you create a new menu and assign it to "Top Menu" it will replace the default.

You can also create a second menu and assign that to "Main Menu".

Now you have total control over what appears in each menu.
Thanks a lot!

Am I able to hide the doubled menu in the upper right corner ?
Because it's net necessary anymore :)

No problem at all.

You can just create an empty menu and assign it to "Top Menu". If you have nothing in your menu, nothing will appear on the website.


God... your amazing !
Great support here :)

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