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I installed SmallBusiness 2.0.
How can I disable one sidebar(left or right)only in mobile view?

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It is impossible to disable sidebar just for mobile view. It is hidden in the mobile view by default. Besides, the latest version of the theme is 2.4.4. We recommend you to download the latest one.
When I rotate my mobile (Huawei Mate 10 lite),in mobile visualization, the two sidebars appears... Why?

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My wp site is
I downloaded the latest version of Smallbussines 2.4.4
How can I upgrade without losing actual customization of CSS (header, menu etc..)?

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Not solved

Perhaps, I misunderstood you - you can't leave just one sidebar instead of two enabled. In the mobile mode both sidebars are hidden. However, the mobile view is applied only with a screen width 640px or less. So perhaps, if you rotate the phone with a good resolution the screen width is bigger than 640px.

The updated theme version works the same so you won't solve this by reinstallation. However, some things are improved so you may get the latest version. To save your changes you need to create a child theme and save your changes to the child one. Thus the parent theme update won't influence your changes.

To customize the mobile view you need to edit style.css file of the theme and some others as well. This forum thread may help you:

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