Sidebar not showing on mobiletablet

Latest Reply from Dave at 2017-04-10 06:55:29
I have tried, in vain, to correct this issue by following the instructions on

I bought the Janela theme and it has not worked properly, on mobiles/tablets since day one. As more and more people are using these, is it possible for you to publish the full code for the library.php and the styl.css so that those of us who are not programmers have half a chance..............
Unfortunately, the full code of library.php and of all the other files differs from theme to theme so it is not needed to show the entire code of these files. As I can see you have purchased the theme 4 years ago. Why didn't you contact us when you experienced the first problem with the mobile mode?
Let's fix it now if it still exist on your site. Are you using that old version of the theme or have you updated it up to 2.4.3?

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