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Latest Reply from Billyf2ljeffs at 2017-07-28 02:32:09
I have a page here with a sidebar to the right of the main content:

However, when viewing on a mobile in portrait orientation, or in a browser with zoom... the sidebar moves above the main content.

This isn't normal as WP usually moves the sidebar to be below the content when displaying on mobile.

Any ideas how I can move the sidebar to be below the main content for mobiles?


By default, sidebars are not visible in the mobile mode at all. That happens since screen width is very narrow and there is no place for ssecondary content.
Besides, according to the html structure sidebars are placed first before the content part so if you enabled a desctop view on mobiles or somehow display sidebars in the mobile mode then sidebar will be over the content. You will have to hard code to change the structure.
If you try my site you will see that I already managed to make the sidebar display.

It sounds hard to get it to display below though :(

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