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I am using the Shengen Theme which is great.. I have used others as well Garage and Home,

For some reason with the Shengen I am looking to remove the read more from the slider. I did some research and found info about removing it..

I safely cut out the data from loop.php saved it and tested.. tried turning off the slider links in the slide menu no go.. The read more button was still on the slider.. Once i clicked the button to remove text the read more was then removed from the slider section.

Just wanted to bring this to your attention.

It would be great if i could use Shengen with Title and text and no read more button but i will make it work as is..

Thank you Great Templates.
To get rid of the link in slider you have to delete the code:
<a class="fp-more" href="<?php echo $slide['link']?>"><?php echo $this->_('readmore');?></a>

in the file inc --> library.php.
Hi There
I am using the same theme. I figured out how to remove “read more” on the slider but I want to change it. Anytime I go to --> library.php. and change “read more” I got the empty link in slider. I would appreciate if you could help me to change “read more” (that shows up in slider) into something different.
To change it you just have to replace this code:
	<a class="fp-more" href="<?php echo $slide['link']?>"><?php echo $this->_('readmore');?></a>

	<a class="fp-more" href="<?php echo $slide['link']?>"><?php echo 'YOUR TEXT';?></a>

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