sending post via mail doesnt work in Karolina

Latest Reply from Dave at 2013-08-05 08:32:39
Sending posts via e-mail in Karolina Theme doesn't work.
All these posts are on Dashboard with status "Pending", but not visiable on website.

Rgds blogger
Could you clarify your issue, please. How do you send posts via e-mail?
Hi again,
I sent posts via e-mail.
These posts are not visiable on the blog, but they are visiable on dashbord (only) with status "pending". So I have to use dashbord - than find "pending" posts - click Edit and Publish. Finally these posts are on my blog.
Unfortunately I have to use dashborad, edit and publish.
I supposed that all posts sended via e0mail we be visiable on blog automaticaly.
Where is my mistake??
Sorry, but it is not problem of our themes. You would better find a solution on the official site of Wordpress ( For example, I found this:

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