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Please see site. I've been pleased with my Retropress theme. A user reported to me that the "search" on my site did not work. I've tried it in Firefox and Chrome -- she is correct it does not work.

The problem is the "form" will not take any input.

I'm using the latest version of the theme.

Please assist.
BTW -- I have checked your demo. It does not work on it either.

I have checked our demo - it works. Could you give us the URL of your webiste, please.
Apparently the word "Search" in the "search field" has to be removed by actually clicking on the little Search icon.

Once that is removed, then search works.

I *think* what is happening is the last word one used in that field remains. Is that coming from the Cache? Almost has to be.

Is there a way I can make Retropress NOT retain the last word or phrase searched?

thank you ...

Unfortunately, your website is not availible. Really we don't have such problems with the original theme. Have you changed some theme files? Which plugins do you use?
My site is always available HOWEVER I do have countries blocked where I have had an attempt to hack into my site. The person who reported the problem to me says that no matter WHAT she does -- she cannot type into field. She is located in Germany.

My server is in the United States. If you can tell me what country you are in, I'll unblock & monitor IPs.

Search works properly on your website. The error is caused by your logo size. To fix this without changing size of your logo you may replace the code:
.menusearch {

.menusearch {
position: relative;

in the style.css file of the theme.
Alice -- I will try that tomorrow and let you know how it works. Thanks for the help.
Alice -- Worked great! A suggestion though. If one edits style.css, you have to create a child theme. But if you use the 'Edit CSS' under Appearance in Admin, all you have to do is add the following:

.menusearch { position; relative; }

The float and margin-top are not being changed and will be set by the style.css which is run first. The CSS entered here runs after the original style.css so this one line is all that is needed. Works beautiful.

I want to thank SMThemes & you Alice for not only finding the problem but especially not telling me the fix was to make my logo smaller.

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