scrolltop is not working

Latest Reply from Igorsrt at 2015-06-05 08:24:39
I just installed the theme "luxury inn" and remarked that the button "scrolltop" is not working. I did not do anything with any theme or with another js .. What course?
Thank you.
Hi! We checked the theme and scroll to top function works. Could you give us your website URL for check it there?
scroll works well in Mozilla Firefox, but don't work in Chrome...
Yes, we found that issue with Chrome and jQuery 1.11.2. We solved this in the version 2.4.1 of the theme. This version is available for download from

To apply changes on your website you can replace only file js/dpagination.js of the theme.

Thank you for letting us know about that.
Thank you very much . Now everything works well.

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