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Would I be able to change the background in the Sana theme, and if so, what size image. Cd the background be set to stay in place while the content frames move up/down?


absolutely you can change the background in all themes.

follow this solution:

Find this folder ->


search for ->


and replace your favorite background in this folder.

remember before deleting or replacing check the Dimensions of the picture and re-size or set your picture with the original Dimension's background theme.


For fixing the background to stay with scroll up/down follow this solution:

Find ->


open Style.css with notepad or some editor and search this code:



background:url(images/background.jpg) 50% top no-repeat;

add this word to the code


it should look like this:

background:url(images/background.jpg) 50% top no-repeat fixed;

Hope work.
Have fun!
I truly appreciate the incredibly lucid answer, M3.


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