Right column adjustments related to widening the right column

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I recently widened my right column using the Architecture theme by updating the wide.css file:


Right sidebar width went from 272px --> 320 px. Now my 300x250 ad fits nicely.

But my right column labels are out of whack:


In the capture above I want to:

1. Re-anchor the right column labels to be left justified again. Right now they are floating out in the middle it looks like.
2. Make the grey part of the label extend the entire width of the right column as it did before I made the right column wider.

Hopefully no other CSS adjustments will be needed, but let me know if they are.

To fix your issues you have to edit a lot of css files. But I can't help you without seeing your site.
Hi Alice,


If you like I can give you file level access or we can make the edits together here so the process is publicly available, your call :)

Please email me at chris (at) mixedwiki.com if needed, thank you.

You have to edit the files style.css, index.css, wide.css and other files in the folder css to fix your problems. Unfortunately, we don't provide any services for editing themes for individual users.
Thank you Alice!

Could you list the updates needs in the style.css file to start, or feel free to detail the changes needed in each file all at once and I'll make the updates and report back how it looks. Thank you very much!


You have to set width for
.content-r #content .widget .caption {
background: url("images/back-widget-r.png") repeat-y top;
width: 261px;}
in the file style.css to fix the problem with background of captions.
It worked, thank you very much :)

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