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Hi there,

I'm hoping I could get some insight into how to customize the retropress theme so the responsiveness looks a little more attractive on devices but I'm worried that what I want to do is too complicated and/or can't be done.

What I want is something like this

In order to do this I think might also need to have the different resolutions pull different menus from WP, as in browser I moved the round logo down to be in the center of the ribbon, and had to make blank items to compensate for it, so it causes a gap in the mobile's dropdown menu options

Also, on the mobile version is it shows the menu dropdown twice, and I'm not sure why because right now there is only one menu to choose from. I would prefer to not have a drop down at all because of the blank links... so what can I do to make my mobile view less ugly?

Bleh... I hope all that made sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
You can delete this drop down menus but it contains the items of your top and main menu. That is why there are two drop down boxes.
You can delete any box you want by removing following code in the file top.php:
<?php smt_mobile_menu('sec-menu'); ?>
<?php smt_mobile_menu('main-menu'); ?>

As for other changes, we can't do it for you. It should completely change our theme. We don't provide any services, paid or unpaid, for editing themes for individual users.
I think perhaps my intentions weren't clear, as I want to know all these changes myself, just unsure which files to edit. But thank you for your answer.

I just have one more question - Can I make the tablet view call only the secondary menu instead of the primary menu? I have the mobile calling only the secondary now and I think I can fix up everything else on my own, but would like to have the tablet call the same menu that the mobile view does.
To call the only secondary menu in the tablet mode you have to add the following code :
#mainmenu {

after the line:
@media only screen and (min-width:640px) and (max-width:1023px) {

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