"Retropress" and Google Chrome

Latest Reply from Glaz at 2013-01-19 09:23:36
Hi everybody!

I've installed the "Retropress" theme and have liked it so far. However, I discovered an annoying bug. When loaded in Google Chrome on a machine with a 1024x768 screen resolution, it falls back to the tablet mode (i.e. the tablet css is used for displaying). Opera and IE display correctly on this screen resolution, and cannot say anything for Mozilla for I didn't have an opportunity to test it.

The problem with Chrome happens only on 1024x768 or 1024x600 (netbook) resolution. On higher resolutions it displays correctly.

Can this be fixed somehow? It's very important for me that the theme works correctly in Chrome on lower resolutions. Half of my visitors use Chrome. Thank you beforehand for any advice.

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