responsiveness in Perfume

Latest Reply from miroslawski at 2013-04-30 05:51:17
Another question - why when I resize the browser window with my perfume test theme (WIP is here: the beutiful glossy main black menu bar disappears?
Also the menu buttons disappear, the nice `glamour` pink is gone completely, when window size is smaller than 1000px the theme looks dreadful.

Is that a problem with my system, or is that intended?

I understand it is the responsiveness mechanism, but on a PC it shouldn`t degrade the theme so much. People often browse sites with the browser window smaller than 1000px, I would expect, in such a case, the theme to stay similiar to the full version, with all those colours, buttons and gloss you have nicely programmed there.

I`m intending to buy the scheme, I just need to resolve those issues first. Thanks.

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