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Latest Reply from Fresh Net at 2013-11-01 13:15:39
Hi, I needed a responsive theme with vertical nav for wide screen and this fit the bill nice work. However I am having issues with the responsive scaling and having sidebars not appear or drop down below content when scaling to mobile width screen sizes and slider seems out of place and doesnt scale images either? Is the theme supposed to work like this?
Please help. Thanks
You can preview a mobile mode of a theme on our demo. To see it you have to press an icon of a mobile phone at the top right.
Thanks, Yea looks good in demo with mobile blog area but page with right sidebar wont load in demo so not sure if related to using pages or not.
Currently its not scaling that way for me and widgets dont show.

Does slider images only csale if pulled automatically from page feature iamges? And if doing it automatically through slider settings.. How do you tell it where to use one image for slider and another different image for top of page?
Okay, I see now.. The sidebar widgets disappear in mobile but footer widgets stay? correct? What's best way to add back in the sidebar widgets for mobile to diplay like footer widgets do? Thank you

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