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Latest Reply from Alice at 2015-04-21 04:35:30
I need adapting the layout menu to mobile and tablet gadgets.
I have two default menu on the website (theme EcoTour) and 3rd is additionally more.
this is how to look ...
3rd menu is vertical menu on the right site and have some banners will be links to site.
In the mobile and tablet gadgets 3rd menu is not visable.
I wont to do see 3rd menu as well as the second and third menu on the mobile.

These drop down menus are displayed thanks to the function "smt_mobile_menu($menu_name)" that is registered in functions.php file and invoked in header.php. You have to register your own menu in functions.php and insert your own code right after:
<?php smt_mobile_menu('sec-menu'); ?>
<?php smt_mobile_menu('main-menu'); ?>

into header.php located inside the directory of the theme.
This article will be very helpful for you:

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