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First, let me start by saying my site is located :

I just started using this theme, so I am still figuring out the odds and ends of it, but do have some questions.

1. I have attempted to put in a twitter feed widget using the one in the Widgets section on the right sidebar, but nothing appears. ( Just shows the empty black space ) I tried placing it on both the right and left sidebar with no success. Any suggestions?

2. I would like to use the Social buttons included in the theme, but it shows code when I go to edit it. Where do I find the codes for Facebook like, Facebook Share, Twitter, and Tumblr?

Thank you.


1) Did you specified a "Twitter Username", while adding a widget.
2) You dont need to edit social buttons. They automatically adjust to the page on which there are


Yes, considering the only option for the twitter widget is title, username and what / how often to show posts. But when I save and go view my site, nothing appears. No title, no username - no twitter feed. Nothing. Just a blank space where the information should be.

Thank you. I was mistaking the information on the left with the Social Profile buttons in the footer. Is it possible to move this information to the footer? Possibly replacing the Social Profile buttons that are there?

Thanks again.

Any help on this? It has been 2 days since I heard from the Administrator. Would love to really get started on my site, but am waiting to get answers on this.

Probably, you have specified wrong username. And you can specify Social Share buttons position in file css/wide.css on line 57th.

Thank you. Will look into the css edit later this weekend or next week.

As for the twitter widget, I double checked my username and it is correct. ( As you can see by clicking the twitter button which takes you to my twitter page ) but the twitter widget does not show below the social buttons on the right sidebar.

I have left the widget in place for someone to take a look ( ) but as you see on the right sidebar, under Social Profiles, there should be showing the Twitter Widget, but only a black space is shown.

Could you open file /inc/widgets/tweets.php in any text editor and add code

else print_r($twitterFeed);

after '}' on line 81th.

Then place twitter widget on your page and write here what it will say?

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