Removing Top Menu Drop Down from Mobile Version

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I am trying to figure out how to remove the Top Menu (or technically the id="menu-sec-main") from appearing on the mobile version of the GameFun Theme.

I only want to have one dropdown navigation appearing on the mobile version?

I REALLY, really need help with this. I cannot figure it out after going through all the php files and the .css files.

There is the following code in the file top.php:
<?php smt_mobile_menu('sec-menu'); ?>
<?php smt_mobile_menu('main-menu'); ?>

You have to delete one of the lines. To remove the top menu you have to delete the first line, otherwise another one.
Beauty! Thank you so so so so very much.

One more question, how do I take the slider and move it up under the logo on the mobile version?
It would be, Logo> Slider>Search>Navigation

It's the last thing I have to do and it's my last hurdle.
Here you also have to edit the file top.php. But after changing this file you will need to change almost all css files of theme.
We don't provide any services, paid or unpaid, for editing themes for individual users.
I have removed the line <?php smt_mobile_menu('sec-menu'); ?> to hide the top dropdown.
However it's still showing up.

please disregard, it is now gone, directions are correct, thanks!
Hi Alice,

I don't see the file you've included in the post.
May I email you to get the file?

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