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I would like to just remove the "Posted in" from the Post-Meta section. My site in a Movie List site so it doesn't use a Category for each movie. The movie are listed in a Genre. So it just ends up showing the date of the posted and then its blank where the category would be. So I would like to just remove that piece since it doesn't do anything. So it looks like this:

February 21, 2017, Posted in | Edit

So as you can see, after the Posted in, its just blank.

I went into the index.php but that just has stuff for theloop.php. So then I went into theloop.php and tried removing

"<?php echo $SMTheme->_('before-category'); ?><?php the_category(', ');"

but that just ended up breaking the entire page it it showed nothing. Is there somewhere I can remove that little piece? I would rather it just showed the post date and that's it when not logged in.

Try to delete just the code:
echo $SMTheme->_('before-category'); ?><?php the_category(', ');"

You've deleted first opening php tag, but php code is not ended at this line. Of course, it breaks the whole page.
Yep, you are correct. Didn't even pay attention to that being an opening PHP tag. Worked perfect. Thank you.

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