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Latest Reply from Brandi Otis at 2013-08-01 10:59:54
Hello -

Firstly, wanted to say that we've been enjoying the theme quite a bit. Easy to install and fairly straightforward to edit. Looks great too!

Having a small problem with text formatting, however. Might be easier if I link to the page:

When the top navigation bar buttons are used to navigate to a certain category of posts, the title of the subpage always displays the word CATEGORY in front of the title. You can see this here ( You will notice that at the very top of the list it begins with "CATEGORY CONTRACTOR REFERENCES."

We don't particularly care for that bit of text and are trying to remove it without breaking anything else in the theme. I would much rather it only read "CONTRACTOR REFERENCES."

I have been hunting around in the code for what to remove for a good while now with no success. I thought I would have a better chance by asking you folks how to go about modifying this.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

- JM

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