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Latest Reply from Dave at 2015-07-13 09:35:19
I would like to remove the header links for the pages in the blog however I cannot find, through the PHP code, what lines make that part work.

I would also like a TRUE PSD logo file for this template. The PSD that was included may have been SAVED as a PSD however all the layers were merged so that no changes at all can be easily made. You have to go through and use 1-2px clone brush to eliminate the permanent "Double Style" logo. Calling it a PSD when you cannot make changes is truly deceptive.

I sent a support ticket for this file days ago and, despite being told I would hear back within 24 hours.

By default, there are two menus always visible on your screen, the "Main" menu and the "Top" menu. To customize any of them you have to go to the page Appearance => Menus and set the created menu as a main/top menu. Here are the intelligible instructions:
We have also improved PSD logo file for this theme. Thanks for letting us know about this issue.

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