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Latest Reply from Grace at 2016-08-16 02:46:24
Sorry, I accidentally hit the "solution button. I still need to get this solved.

I am currently configuring one of your themes Naomehit.

I do NOT want to show 'related posts' on my post entries.

I have turned it off in the customizing panel in 'layout' and st the # of posts to show as zero but I am still seeing related posts boxes on my articles.

How do I get rid of everything beneath the social media buttons? See attached

Thank you.


We have tested the theme, the Show related posts option works properly. Could you clarify whether you use the Save Changes button after your changes or not? If you do, could you give us the URL of your website in order to check this issue?
Yes, I have the show related posts disabled and yes I save the option. Sorry I am still getting boxes under my post.

Your theme is not active on my site and I will not activate it until it looks decent.

the theme is Naomehit.

Here is a screen shot of my options panel.

Here is a screen capture of a post. I want to get rid of 'Related Posts' and 'No Related Posts' entirely.


Sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, Naomehit is not our theme and we are not allowed to provide support services for it. Contact the theme developer to solve this issue.

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