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Latest Reply from Jerome at 2013-05-18 21:10:18
I would like to remove the purple bar running across the top of all of the pages when using the Photography theme; or at least be able to change the color to match the site's color scheme. I've been unable to find what in the the theme's files is generating it, though. (See what I'm working on here:

Help is greatly appreciated.
1.- to member: I do the that. I leave the logo at left side, and insert script for the music player in the top.php working the css, the top.php and functions.

2.- to support - Seems all I do is fine, but the slider moves to the right in FF ONLY. this bug happends before and after.

I do a clean instalation with defaults and still happend.


Hi !

The purple bar at the top of the theme is part of the backgroup image.

In fact it composed of 2 images :
- photography/images/back-header.png
- photography/images/back-body.png

If you want to completely remove it, you need to remove the use of "back-body.png" in the theme CSS, and edit (or replace) the image "back-header.png", to remove the purple bar.


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