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Latest Reply from Anita Zazula at 2016-06-30 08:15:11 Solution
How do I remove the Home tab in the menu that came with the theme?.
I created a page called "Home" and I want to use that one.
If I create a custom menu, I end up with two "home" page tabs.
If I delete the Home page I made, the themes Home page tab is there but I don't know where to edit or delete it.

You can remove the Home tab by creating and customizing a new menu on the Appearance --> Menus page of the dashboard of your website. To do it you need to follow the next four steps:

1. Create a new menu.
2. Customize a new menu.
3. Set a new menu as Main Menu.
4. Save changes.

For clarity, I have also attached a screenshot.
I had done that. It must've been a cache problem because shortly after it just worked. For anyone else reading this follow the steps above and it'll work. Don't forget to clear your browser cache!
Problem solved thanks.

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