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Hi all,

i have question where remove text 'Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts'

This text is generated to facebook share button at main page.

At file isn't and in DB too no.

Sorry for my english :)
My page is
If I tested url share box write a good texts
If I turn off dynamically loading of content, only mainpage have a bad texts :( where to change ...
Sorry that's not problem in template

Caution when testing your own "Share on Facebook" links

When I was testing all the above information, I noticed that Facebook "appeared" to use some kind of cache. I would update my test page and then test the link and nothing changed. It was only when I changed the title of the page and noticed that Facebook still used the old title, did I suspect that there was some kind of caching going on. Clearing the temporary internet files and using a different browser didn't help, I got the same result. It was only when I tried the link after 30 mins did I see the changes I made reflected on Facebook. It may be much less than 30 mins of cache, I didn't try and time it. Just something to bear in mind.

Facebook URL Linter solved my problem, maybe it help to someone other.

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