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Hello, i would like to remove the left sidebar of the "Footballnet" theme and expand the main bar in the center.

But i dont know how. can anyone help me with this?

thank you.

To remove left sidebar you need remove string <?php get_sidebar('left'); ?> from files 404.php, archive.php, category.php, feedback.php, index.php, page.php, search.php, single.php, tag.php and edit images images/content.png, images/content-top.png and images/content-bottom.png to remove separator between left sidebar and main column.

How can I remove left sidebar in "Creative"? If in the same way, I don't understand, what images should I edit.


At this moment new version of FootballNet is available. This version supports custom sidebars layouts.

i have to download it again? update it from the wordpress that i use? can i?

The theme has to lot of changes. So you need to download it again manually.

Please tell us more about what to do with the images that went separator
At this moment you can download updated version of FootballNet theme from You can choose needed layout for sidebars on page FootballNet->Layout.
how to remove the old version without downloading a new one? how to remove the separator between the Left sidebar And Main column?
I want to say that very poor technical support, to better treat their customers and help them! Please tell me how to leave one delimiter? that needs fixing?
Much like @Juliet, I to would like to delete a sidebar, from the 'Creative', leaving only just two columns. How do I do this? Alternatively, if it's no too much, Is it possible to update this theme with a 'Custom Sidebar' function? This theme is amazing and the lack of this function is the only thing that's stopping me from purchasing it.

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