Latest Reply from Alice at 2015-09-03 08:33:37

I have a query with regards to the position of the MAIN MENU for the theme called REAL THING.

For reasons that I cannot work out, it seems to position the very first menu item about 2 inches to the right, so the first menu item is not under the main logo on the far left.

I have screenshots available if this helps explain it.

This does not happen on your other themes so am wondering if there is a bug or issue.

Comparing it to the example image of the home page of the template it should be able to position the first menu heading fine, just below the logo in the yellow bar, but it doesnt...

Any help would be great.

Thanks Paul

Could you give us the URL of your website, please.
I think this problem is caused by paddings of the menu links. However, if you remove this paddings the menu items will be placed too close to each other.

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