Read More is not working correctly

Latest Reply from Ashley at 2013-05-09 15:01:32
I have such a problem, ReadMore is not working correctly.
I am using GirlsBook theme.
The site is:

I am trying to add a new article, and after first two rows with images, I introduced "Read More" code (<!--more-->), but even after this on main page are shown all rows with images!

I don't understand why?
Please help to solve this problem!
Can somebody explain what is the problem ?
I'm having the same problem with "The Game" theme.

In all of my posts, I added the "read more" tag ( <!--more--> ), which is supposed to prevent any content beyond that point from showing up on the home page (similar to how an excerpt would work). However, on one of my posts (and, oddly, only one of them), content below the "read more" tag is being shown.

Any thoughts on why it's happening?
1 month from the original post and 3 weeks since the last reply with no official response, huh?

I know *I'm* still having the issue.

I guess these forums are pretty useless.
Hello Thomas, i had the same problem, i used a tipp from another problem and it worked for me.
You need to replace string




In the file theloop.php

It cuts the post now right at the ( <!--more--> )
I'm having the same problem, except my theme is LuxuryFashion. I insert the 'more' tag and nothing happens. I tried the suggestion you gave 'Member' but that did not work for me.

Can someone please help us?

I heard from another person on a different forum that only posts can have the 'read more' tag inserted not pages. Hope this is helpful. If you need this feature for a page try the plugin 'Read More Right Here'.

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