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Hi there

I`m currently working on two themes Robotech and Estate Press themes. How can I change "read more" that shows up in the dark cloud in the slider
Under the admin panel in Wordpress, select 'Robotech', then 'Slider' and simply turn off 'links'.
Hi Dave

First - I want to change "read more" in something else, not only to remove it. Second I tried the way that you suggest but it didn`t work. It worked with the other SM theme but not with this one.
TO adjust "read more" located in slider you have to edit the code:
<div class="fp-content">
<?php if ($this->get('slider', 'showttl')) { ?>
<h3 class="fp-title"><a href="<?php echo $slide['link']?>" title=""><?php echo $slide['ttl']?></a></h3>
<?php } ?>
<?php if ($this->get('slider', 'showtext')) { ?>
<p><?php echo $slide['content']?>
<?php if ($this->get('slider', 'showhrefs')) { ?>
<?php } ?>
<a class="fp-more" href="<?php echo $slide['link']?>"><?php echo $this->_('readmore');?></a>
<?php } ?>

in the file inc --> library.php.
I`m still confused, where can I find - <div class="fp-content">???

I tried to find it in Editor but I couldn`t. Could you please explain me step by step where to go to find it???
You can find this class in the file library.php located inside the /Robotech/inc folder. You can edit it via ftp. Probably, this file is not accessible through the dashboard.

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