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hi. sorry for my english... in architecture theme, i've changed top.php

if ((is_front_page()&&$SMTheme->get( 'slider', 'homepage'))||(!is_front_page()&&!$SMTheme->get( 'slider', 'innerpage'))) {?>
<div class='slider-container'>
<div class='slider-bgr'></div>
<?php $SMTheme->block_slider(); ?>

<?php if(!is_front_page()&&$SMTheme->get( 'slider', 'innerpage')) {?>
<div id='immaginipagine'>
<?php $random_image = rand(1, 5); /*let's choose random image...*/ ?>
<img src='<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/images/randomsupagine/<?php echo $random_image; ?>.jpg'>


and style.css for random image on inner pages.

it's work.
i want to do the same in elemer theme, but there's no top.php, only header.php.
i've tried to change it, but a see random image under slider...

can you help me? thanks

You are right that top.php file has been replaced with header.php in the Elemer theme.
Unfortunately, we don't provide any services paid or unpaid for editing themes for individual users.

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