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Latest Reply from Xavier Jehl at 2012-11-06 09:03:32
Since few hours, I have a problem with the Alium WP theme.

yesterday all was fine with the automatic short code embedding system. Mean : [youtube id="HdlaBLomTZ4"]

Before, I was able to play the video on the page. Now, I don't know why but I only can show the screen capture of that video and can't play it. When I click on it, An external link appear on Youtube and then the video start.

Why now I can't play the video directly on my website? I think that I change something on the settings but what ?

Thanks for help
I found the problem... This problem appear just after the theme activation !

The Scroll Windows Up button at the left and side is not working too.

The scrolling system is not responding after the activation !

Please tell me how to fix that !
Plase contact with us via to solve this.

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