Problem with the slider position in Firefox

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Hello there. I want to use Originative theme, i think it's great. but i think i screw something when i'm editing it a bit.

Actually i got problem with slider position in Mozilla Firefox browser.

Like u can see at this screen ( slider have wrong position at page, and i can't find solution to fix it. Now it start at half of the menu bar above it.

On any other browser, like chrome, ie everything is okey. Only at firefox it this problem.

Any suggestion what should i check to fix it ?

/ I find one way to fixit but only for "second" when i change at index.css fp-slides position from relative to static it works but, when i upload css on server and it static at css then at html code some script adding a style to this div fp-slides position:relative.

Sorry for my low english
Hope someone understand this and mayby have any idea how to fix it.

I have same problem. Anyone have a solution? Displays correctly in IE.
I am having the same problem. Please help!

The slider images are moved to the right side, outside of the slider frame in Firefox. They are moved down in safari.
Also, this is in the Photofolio Theme. Thanks.
Nevermind. The Main menu got changed, bumped a menu option down and skewed the position of the Slider Images. The 'bumped' menu option was hidden and only found it with Firebug.

Add at the end of style.css

/* Firefox >= 22 quick fix */
clear: left;

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