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Latest Reply from Grahame Snow at 2013-04-04 08:48:54
I have a problem with the plug-in galleries, at the bottom of each gallery doubles look at the menu. (the gallery)

You have block .gllr_single_image_text, which is apparently intended to describe the gallery. Add a description to your gallery or style

.gllr_single_image_text {
display: none;

in the style.css.
not work
i have a similar or the same issue with the theme THEGAME, on the gallery page it repeats the sidebar at the bottom of the page, the website is:

I use gallery plugin by Best WebSoft, this gallery works on every wordpress site i have ever used it on except this one, hope it's something silly, can you advise?

thanks in advance... :-)
Why is there no response to this thread from admin?

Also having this issue, seems my posts get duplicated when using the gallery plugin...

Would really appreciate a response

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