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I have a problem with the mobile version. It is not shown properly. The search bar is not centered, the top menu is empty when I press, "Go to.." nothing appears. And the slideshow doesn't fit the text so it can be readeble on small screen.
Here is an image:
And also on the desktop version there is a space beetween the first article, the article is not lined up with the first widget.
I'm hoping somebody can help me solve this.

Thank you.
The mobile version is broken on the theme demo here on smthemes too. I checked it out. The search bar is off center and the slideshow text is too big to stay in frame. But like I said I also have the problem with the top menu in mobile version.
Did you ever figure out? I have "two" go to 's with nothing. I don't need either of them in mobile version. I have them appear in 2 different sites. Help please? Support??
By default, there are two menus always visible on your screen, the "Main" menu and the "Top" menu. To customize any of them you have to go to the page Appearance => Menus and set the created menu as a main/top menu. Here are the intelligible instructions:
If you don't use any menu you would better delete it from the mobile version as well - follow one of these instructions:
Removing the top menu:
and main menu:
The desktop version shows up the two menus perfectly. But still nothing shows up on the mobile version of the top menu. Just click Go To, and nothing shows up.
And the slide is completely broken in mobile version. The text is not getting smaller so it can fit the smaller display.
Also the search bar in mobile version is not centered corectly.
Still not solved any of there issues with the theme and like I said the demo here on smthemes had the same issues.
Could you give us the URL of your website, please.

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