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I'm having some problems concerning this theme. It is really cool and if fits perfectly with what I'm going to do. I'll even purchase it. Now I'm facing some problems with the slider feature.

As you can see in the images bellow, the stamp that works as captions for the slides are going up and down. They are supposed to stay on the corner, in the right side, almost on the footer of the slide.

I'm not really good at this, that's why I'm asking for help.

Here, this is where the stamp is supposed to be:

and this is what's happening with my site:


Thank you very much.
Oh, by the way, this is something that happens frequently, but there are moments in which the stamps appear to be in the right place.
I have the same problem but good thing is that theme look very nice even without that stamp.

Can someone tell me how can I make that only post titles appear in in some categories?
We fixed this. Please, download the theme again and replace the files style.css and css --> ie.css with the originals from the archive.

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