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Latest Reply from Shomi at 2013-11-14 04:10:33
My commenting function does not work. When anyone tries to post a comment, it goes to the error (insert error text here). I've activated the default theme and several other themes and tested comment functionality and it works just fine with any other theme, so it appears there is conflicting code in the Luxury Fashion theme that is breaking my comment capability. Can you help me troubleshoot and fix this?
Could you write here full text of the error?
Now it's just saying ERROR: Please type a comment. No matter how often you try to type or retype a comment, it never sends or posts it. Just gives you that error. Also, it seems that a spammer was able to post and leave a comment without approval on one of my posts. Any thoughts?

Hi.. have you been have to solve this problem? We are also facing the same issue!

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