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hi guys,
layout and other options are not available in the metro section. I can make changes only to general section.

can i get some help?

Do you have problems with opening this pages or with saving options?

nothing happens if i click on them...

For example : IF i click on general otion i get otions to fill details.
But if i click on integration or layout or seo nothing happens.

also i want to change the color of all the links...and how to get thumbnails in related posts?

i have been hanging around this support section for 48hrs to get one can you expect people to buy your themes when you cant support to setup the theme.


i also want to add a floating widget to enable or disable page auto scroll.

Please check the file js/admin.js. It is looks like you did not upload it on your server. Also try to click on link integration or layout in submenu of main WordPress menu of your dashboard.

i have checked everything in js/admin
Please chack this video for better understanding of my problem.

Try to replace




at 622th string of the inc/administrator.php.
thanks it to add a widget to enable or disable auto page scroll like here...
Our templates don't provide a possibility to disable or enable auto scroll by a visitor.
atleast can you please tell me how to apply filters as seen in the same website(
hi admin,

I want to use scroll up without enabling auto load posts, can you tell me how to do it?
You have to use some third-party plugin to do this. Try to search on by keyword "scroll up".
but it still shows up even after disabling please check my iste
Are you sure you are disable "Load posts dynamicaly"? as I can see, your posts still loading after scrolling to bottom.
ok i decided to use dynamic loading but the problem is social share widget doesnt load with posts with dynamic loading enabled...
can you please check see...i want lazyload to load with ajax.

Check the image, I dont understand why the menu is not full, doesnt like so good..

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