Previous questions for new version (Forrealty 2.0)

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I've installed the new 2.0 version but ran into my previous issues.

The url:

- the upper navigation has to disappear.
- the logo should appear ABOVE the navigation (not over the navigation)
- the buttons of the navigation have to be closer to each other
- the right column should disappear

That's it for now.
These are the most important issues concerning the current design...

Also I need a new activation key... I asked a new one on the site, but that one doesn't work...

Thx in advance!

As I can see there is upper navigation.
You need to increase height of #secondarymenu-container in style.css up to 210px and margin-left for #logo down to -205px
Change padding for #mainmenu li a to padding:20px 10px;
You can remove right column on page ForRealty->Layout, by changing "Content Layout".

I can't get rid of the right column... Maybe it has to do with the re-activation? The theme doesn't activate with the new key I generated on the smthemes site...

Also I have to get rid of the navigation on top of the page...

Please provide me the new activation key for this theme and an answer to my other questions.
- get rid of right column
- get rid of upper navigation

I also get constantly a Please Wait rotating thingy in the upper right corner on the Admin-page. I even can't change any settings.
Could this have to do with the activation?

Activation key should works with new version too. Please contact us via to solve this.

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