Pressing SEND on Contact form does not do anything

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Here is the link to my contact page:

When pressing the SEND button, I expected either an error message or a success message (confirmation as stated in other posts of this forum) but the page just reloads and nothing happens. I also do not receive any mail message on my confirmed email address.

I am using the ALEAN theme and just started to create a website for a dental clinic. Before continuing I must make sure that the contact form works fine.

Thank you for your help!

We have contacted you via email. Please, check up your mail box.
Hi Dave,

thank you for your reply. I did as advised: downloaded latest version of ALEAN theme and ****. Unfortunately there is no change at all (except for the footer claiming that the promo links are missing).
Still, no mails are going out, and no message is issued. The page reloads, but nothing else happens.

May I add another question - since I proceeded with my testing and created several pages? I encountered a strange behaviour with the page editor: until recently most of my formating showed when testing the pages and also when going live to the server, Approx. one hour ago, not any longer. There are no bullets and indents visible, only plain text without formatting, although in the text box there are .ul and .li markers. Could you tell me how I can fix this please?

Thank you,

Sorry for inconvenience. Please, replace the code:

global $SMTheme;

global $SMTheme;

if (isset($_POST[$_SESSION['commentinput']])&&$form=$_POST[$_SESSION['commentinput']]) {
foreach ($SMTheme->get( 'contactform', 'contactform' ) as $key=>$detail) {
if ($detail['req']=='required'&&$form[$key]=='') $error.='Field '.$detail['ttl']." is required<br />";
if (isset( $detail['regex'] ) && $detail['regex'] != '' && !eregi(stripslashes($detail['regex']),$form[$key])) {
$error.='Field '.$detail['ttl']." is not valid<br />";
$msg.=$detail['ttl'].": ".$form[$key]."\r\n";
$from=($SMTheme->get( 'general','sitename' ))?$SMTheme->get( 'general','sitename' ):get_bloginfo('name');
if ($error=='') {
wp_mail($SMTheme->get( 'contactform', 'email' ), 'Message from '.$from, $msg);
$error=$SMTheme->_( 'emailok' );

in the feedback.php file located in the directory of the theme.
Could you give us the URL of the page where it happens and screenshots from your dashboard, please.
Hi John, hi Dave,

thank you again for your support! This time the snippet as posted before worked great. I could receive the mail and the success message was displayed.

For my additional problem, I attached three screenhots. You can see that the lists together with the bullets do not show on the life page and also not on the preview pages. Thepafes so far can be seen @ -> DENTAL SERVICES -> >>Clean your teeth (
or some of the other pages under "Dental Services".

Thank you so much & kind regards,


Sorry to keep you waiting so long to answer your message. I found out the reason for this problem. To fix this you need to find the code:
ul { margin:0px; padding:0px; list-style:none; }

and replace it with:
.widget ul { margin:0px; padding:0px; list-style:none; } 

in the alean/css/index.css file.
Thank you Dave / John for the modification of index.css. It indeed produced the bubbled list. Together with it came bubbles with all the menus as well which can be fixed by adding:

#header ul { margin:0px; padding:0px; list-style:none; }

to the same file (index.css) thank you John, again.
Problem solved :)

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