Possible to make header changes remain on mobile screen resolutions

Latest Reply from Dave at 2014-01-13 06:23:09
First, thanks for such a great theme! I'm really pleased with it, and love that it's responsive.

I'm trying to add linked images w/contact information in the header (FB, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). I understand how to add the code into the header and get it to appear on the full desktop version of the site.

When I shrink the browser window to mobile size, the header elements go away, along with the sidebar widgets. I'm trying to understand a way to force the header contact icons to remain in place.

The kludgy workaround has been to add a sticky post with this info, so it stays no matter the screen resolution. But it's not a very clean solution. Thanks for any suggestions. Here's the site: www.ezrahenderson.com.
To fix this you have to add the icons to the file top.php and then you have to edit css for the mobile and teblet modes. You can do this in the file style.css under the lines
/*	-==========================- MOBILE -==========================-  */
/*	-==========================- TABLET -==========================-  */

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