Possible exclude posts from certain catergories from showing up on front page

Latest Reply from Dave at 2014-08-21 02:52:36
my url is: http://www.bustedcontrollers.com
I was wondering if there was anyway to exclude posts from a certain category (which I specify) from showing up on the front page? For example, if I make a "Pics" category, I don't want any posts in that category to show amongst the rest of my new posts. is there anyway to do this?

secondly, is there anyway to have ONLY posts from a specific category I choose in one of the sidebars?
It is possible, but you need to delve in code to fix this. You will have to edit theloop.php file located in the themes directory. All the solutions for this you can try to find on the official WordPress forum. We don't provide any services for editing themes for individual users.

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