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Latest Reply from Alice at 2014-07-14 23:39:47

I am using Fashion Style 2.0 with "Load content dynamically" (as well as all the other dynamic options) activated. Now I would like to use a Pop Up plugin that works with this option. I have already tried "Pop Up!" "Super Popup" "ITRO Popup" "Popup Domination" and a few other plugins that should get the job done.

However, these plugins only work when I load / refresh the page i want the modal popups to appear on. Turning the dynamic-option off is sadly not a valid option / choice for me.

So is there perhaps a way how I could implement these plugins with the given settings?

WP ver.: 3.9.1
Theme ver.: 2.0
All other plugins have been updated to their newest version before use.

Thanks in advance!
Unfortunately, we cannot help you to solve the compatibility problems. We provided an ability to disable the feature (Load Content Dynamically) that may conflict with a plugin.
we are the development team of ITRO Popup Plugin and ITRO Wordpress Marketing. Please may you send us and email to support@itroteam.com with the problems details if you are still interested to this features? Thank you.

Best regards,
Our themes are already compatibable with your plugin since the 2.1 version of the theme. Thank you for your attention to this problem.

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