Plugins not loading as normal issues

Latest Reply from Lassal Gayle at 2013-06-21 09:26:19 Solution

Require urgent assistance.

Plugins not working with your "Soundess Theme"

1: MP3 html5 Players
2. Poll plugins
3. Flash mp3 Players
4. Cookie Warning

If you were to use the wordpress basic themes, like TwentyTwenty or TwentyEleven, which is downloaded as a compressed package, all works well?

If you could try the same setup as I use off line, with your Theme and say the TwentyTwenty Theme, and the listed plugins for comparison.

These are plugins I have used with other Themes, for other sites?

I hope to have this resolved soon, as it is now two weeks from purchase, and I have not been able to use what I paid for.

Thanks in advance

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